Worm in goat's milk

Asked February 23, 2013, 12:25 PM EST

Today, when straining my goat's milk, I noticed something floating in the milk. I put the milk through a paper towel for containment and found a worm. It's about one-third of an inch long, and kind of a transparent pinkish color and very thin and thread-like. I strain her milk every time (as well as practice good sanitation with my goats), but this is the first encounter with this issue. Is someone able to help me? Thank you for your time!


1 Response

The worms of goats do not usually appear in the milk, unless it would have been shed in the environment and had accidentally contaminated the milk during the milking process. Worms could be in the environment that could have contaminated the pail, possibly. I would look closely at the goat to be sure there isn't a lot of debris caught in the hair, or mud on the legs, underline, etc. Also, this would be reason to check fecal egg counts to be sure the internal parasites are under control. If this would happen again, having a parasitologist at the closest university identify it will help.