moss eradication

Asked February 22, 2013, 8:21 AM EST

How do I eradicate moss in gravel driveway?

Hunterdon County New Jersey

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Moss control in a driveway is best removed physically per the instructions at the following web site. Chemical control will also work, but the moss will likely grow back faster than through physical removal. See the link above for details.

Regardless of how you control moss, it will likely grow back if you do not change conditions (shade and moisture) that are conducive to moss growth. Consider pruning overhead trees to let in more light if that is a possibility at your property.

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Thank you for your help. More info: The area in question is about 30years old. The problem appeared just 5 years ago. The area get about 70% sun. The gravel gets replenished every three years. The affected area is about 600sq ft. with about 10% of this area showing moss in 5 or so locations. It can be very slippery when exiting my car. As I understand, I should remove the gravel and discard it! What then do I do with the soil/moss underneath, how deep do I excavate?

Thank you for your ongoing questions about moss removal.

If you scrape away 2-4 inches of material, you should be removing the bulk of the moss root system. If you have a place to compost the material at your home, then you could deposit it there. Covering it with black plastic would aid in the breakdown of the material. Or, do you have a shady area where you would like to grow moss? If yes, then you could transplant it to a new location. It sounds like you get good sun in the area, so mechanical removal should be effective for at least a couple of years.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.