Adding nutrients to my soil

Asked February 21, 2013, 2:46 PM EST

I just tested my vegetable garden soil. The ph is fine, but the only other thing it contained was a low amount of phosphorus. From what I could tell it doesn't contain any nitrogen or potassium. I was just at my local nursery and purchased some natural fertilizer, they recommended Happy Frog 7-4-5. They told me to add it when I am planting. Is there anything I should be adding now to the soil since it is so lacking? Thanks so much. Cindy

Jackson County Oregon

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Since you have tested your soil, you know which macronutrient you need to provide. The recommendation you received should be fine, though most fertilizers will work ok. The Happy Frog product is an organic fertilizer so the nutrients will be slow release as they have to be released through mocrobial action in the soil.

You asked what you should be adding to your soil now and without knowing more about it that's very difficult to answer, so instead I'll give you a couple resources below. And I will mention tht right now most of us have soils tht are still to wet to be effectively worked. Trying to work in soils when they're saturated can cause more harm than good.

An excellent publication is Growing Your Own, which includes sections on improving your soils and fetilization. You can get it at

Two other Extension publication you might find helpful are Fertilizing Your Garden

(EC1503) and Improving Garden Soils with Organic Matter (EC 1561). Go to our publications catalog at and search by number or title.