verticillium wilt

Asked February 21, 2013, 2:14 PM EST

How can I tell if my maple tree has vericillium wilt? And if so, how can I cure it?

Umatilla County Oregon

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Thank you for asking about your maple. Verticillium wilt often shows up in hot weather when trees are under stress. Leaves yellow, curl, and then scorch, quickly a whole branch can be involved, often dying. Homeowners sometimes trim back those parts of the tree, but as the fungus is in the roots, eventually the tree will die. Look on sap wood for the characteristic marks that indicate verticillium, as seen in the photos posted by the Oregon State University Plant Clinic for maple showing bud and branch death: Below the photo are links for other views of typical maple with verticillium. Since the fungus is in the soil, if you eventually lose a tree to verticillium wilt, replace it with a resistant plant. Your county extension office may be able to make replacement suggestions for Umatilla County: Extension Horticulture, Office Phone: (541) 278-5403, Office Location: 2411 NW Carden Ave, Umatilla Hall, Pendleton OR 97801. Asking further questions here is also welcome, as are photos if those will help us answer you.