nutrient value of brewery waste

Asked February 21, 2013, 10:41 AM EST

Has anyone done a nutrient analyisis of brewery waste?

Lane County Oregon

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NITROGEN-PHOSPHORUS-POTASSIUM VALUES OF ORGANIC FERTILIZERS Guide LC437 Written by Ross Penhallegon OSU Lane County Extension Eugene, OR.

Wine Grape Compost N% - 1.5; P - 2.0: K - 0.5

Perhaps I wasn't clear, I was asking for the nutrient analysis of BREWERY WASTE, we are looking to use as feed for meat chickens, ducks, goats and possibly rabbits.

Hello, and thanks for your question. I asked several OSU faculty in Fermentation Science if they could help. Unfortunately, they don't have an answer themselves. But one did mention that they were confident there is data out there, but just doesn't know where. He suggested looking on Google Scholar.

Sorry we couldn't give you a specific answer. Good luck in your research.


Hey Jeff,
Maybe this is something some one there could do. There are a lot of breweries out there and more popping up all the time. I know many farmers are using the brewery waste to feed animals, it would be great to know what the Protein, carohydrate, vitamin etc content was, also interested if it more easily assimilated because it has already been "broken down".