Beef Calf Health Question

Asked February 18, 2013, 9:03 PM EST

We have a young heifer that we bought a couple of months ago at the Eugene Livestock Auction. She is about 250 lbs. I noticed several weeks ago that she often walks with her tail slightly elevated. I have been watching her but she seems healthy and has continued eating at normal levels. I was worried that perhaps she was scouring but that appears normal as well. A couple of days ago I noticed that she was attemping to pee, but it was just barely dribbling out. I thought perhaps I just caught the tail end of the activity, (no pun intended). Today, however, she was doing the same thing outside the barn just before we fed them. She then came in the barn, lifted her tail again, but only a small amount of urine trickeled out. We have had cattle for many years now and I have never seen a calf with this issue before.

Linn County Oregon

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Make sure she has plenty of water. Does she know how to drink from the trough? Can she reach it? Sometimes young, freshly weaned calves do not know how to do this. You might have to let the water run or trickle a bit for her to get enticed into driniking.

She may have an illness, but you would need a veterinarian to diagnose that.

Less likely, she may already be starting her estrous cycles. How old is she and what breed.