What type of Plum trees do I plant?

Asked February 18, 2013, 1:31 PM EST

I live here in Ft. Collins and would like to plant 2 plum trees. What type of plum
trees should I plant? Appropriate planting time? Thanks, Jo Ann Meeker

Larimer County Colorado

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Hi Jo Ann,

Thank you for your email. I assume that you're interested in planting plums that bear fruit for consumption? Plums are one fruit tree that do very well in Colorado and have consistent blooms and fruit nearly every year. Some varieties to consider are: Stanley, Green Gage and Blue Damson, an early-bearing, small-fruited plum. Waneta is a late summer Japanese-American variety with large, red plums. Sapalta is considered one of the best to eat fresh from the tree but is also excellent for canning. In most cases, two varieties of plums are needed to cross-pollinate each other--but if you have plums in your neighborhood, it may not be necessary to plant two.

This information was taken from CSU Extension PlantTalk script #1206, which can be found here: