Preserving ginger juice

Asked February 17, 2013, 2:08 PM EST

I would like to learn more about ginger juice and whether it can be frozen for later use. I have found it to be extremely useful in treating the inflammation associated with fibromyalgia, but peeling and juicing the raw root can be very time-consuming. I would like to make a week or month's worth at a time, freezing in individual portions. Would you be able to direct me to resources on the use and preservation of ginger juice? Thank you.

Washington County Oregon

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Yes, freezing ginger juice, or any other juice, is an easy, practical and safe method of preserving. We have a wonderful publication called "Freezing Fruits and Vegetables" that does have a section on freezing juices. You can view that by following this link: (scroll down to see publication listed under the "Freezing" section.)

You can use canning jars with straight sides to freeze juices and other foods. Leave enough headspace to allow for expansion, about 1.5 inches. If you don't want the pulp, you can let the juice sit in the refrigerator overnight before freezing. You may add some lemon juice and / or sweetener before freezing, which may actually help the juice to retain its color. If you would like to freeze the juice in smaller quantities use an ice cube tray to freeze the juice, then transfer the cubes to a good quality freezer bag for long term storage. The better frozen foods are packaged, the longer they retain their quality in the freezer. Try to use it up within 3 months for best quality. It will stay safe for longer, though, in the freezer.

Good luck!