Dying Monkey Puzzle Tree

Asked February 14, 2013, 5:29 PM EST

We live in Florence on Munsel Lake and have a 40 plus foot Monkey Puzzle Tree that appears to be dying. Until early in 2012 the tree was beautiful and healthy. I am wondering if the tree has a disease or is just old and actually dying? I would be happy to send via email a photo of the tree, if that would help.

Lane County Oregon

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Hello, Wow, we don't know a whole lot about the specific requirements of monkey puzzle trees, but a sudden decline in health is unusual as you note. Have you noticed any abundant resin or sap bleeding from the base of the tree? Has there been any sudden changes in the landscape around the tree? Any chemicals such as herbicides recently used around the tree? is it possible to dig around the roots and base of the tree without harming the tree? That might tell you if something obvious is unusual around the tree, i.e. root damage by animals etc. Sending a picture is a great idea. I'm David Shaw, Forest Health Specialist at OSU in Corvallis, email: dave.shaw@oregonstate.edu

Send a picture(s) and then perhaps we could talk by phone. 541-737-2845