Asked February 13, 2013, 6:46 PM EST

my gardener just sprayed my courtyard with roundup [a poisen for killing weeds] he then cmae to the door and asked me to have a look at a broken gate ..without even thinking i proceded to follow him .quickly realising i was bare foot and had trodden on the recently sprayed area i headed to shower to wash off. my question is if it had close contact with my foot which it did .. will it poison me ???? Kind regards Tammy

Outside United States

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Because I don't know the country you are submitting the question from I can not be 100% sure that the product you used was Roundup with the active ingredient Glyphosate, Because depending on the country you live there may be mislabeling that occurs on products. You stated the gardener used the product - Did he or she purchase it from a pesticide store or a street vendor etc.? If it was from a registered pesticide vendor then one can assume it was the labeled product.

Therefore, assuming that the product applied was Roundup you shouldn't have any problems. Glyphosate's mode of action -- or how it works in the plants - the active ingredient impacts plant enzymes. Hopefully you did wash your feet after walking on the sprayed area - but that is more of a sanitation or health issue (contact with roundworms or disease causing bacteria & fungi).

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