Getting ready to garden

Asked February 12, 2013, 8:12 PM EST

We had a garden bed where the last two years we had tomatoes in the bed. Are we limited to what we can plant there (we got everything out of the bed right away after the growing season). What do we amend the soil with? Can we grow green leafy vegetables and then something else in summer? When do green leafy vegetables get planted by seed?
Also, we planted blueberry bushes three years ago. What soil amendments do they need this year?
What amendments do our 1-year strawberries need this year?
Thank you so very much!
Also, is there a phone number to talk to a Master Gardener as we have more questions?

Clark County Washington

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you can plant most anything following tomatoes

amend soil - compost leaves manure most anything organic would amend your soil if it is needed

leafy vegetables such as lettuce can be planted starting now. becasue of the cool temps it will be slow to emerge.

blueberry ammendments depend on what your soil pH is, have it tested

strawberries light fertilizer aplication with 16-16-16

call your local county extension office which should be listed in the phone book in the goverment section