Gnats or Fruit flies

Asked February 12, 2013, 9:38 AM EST

We have an infestion of tiny little flies in our house. I find conflicting information online about whether fruit flies and gnats are the same thing. These bugs do not seem attracted to fruit, which I have had sitting out at times, they don't bother it at all. But when we are just sitting around, like right at this moment, there is one flying around my face. We have tried the vinegar/dish soap remedy with little success. We got three dead flies in there over a period of days. We think they came in with the houseplants that had been outside over the summer. Is there anyone there who can help us!?

Mason County Michigan

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No fruit flies and gnats are not the same. Gnats are tiny. Fruit flies are really small but larger than gnats. I suspect from your description you have fungus gants.
Here is a link to fungus gnats which I have in my house and are probably coming from your houseplants as you suspect.
here is a link for fruit flies in the home.