Fruit Fly Elimination

Asked February 7, 2013, 6:04 PM EST

There must be a zillion web sites with information and recipes on the web for getting rid of fruit flies in the home. Is there one best answer?

Bexar County Texas fruit fly

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The best solution for fruit flies is sanitation. Find out where they may be breeding and/or feeding and once that is removed, the adults will soon die.
There are a few different species of what people call fruit flies or gnats. Fruit flies may breed or feed on fruit and vegetables, so store those in the refrigerator or paper bag. Another species may also breed in drains or decaying organic matter. Try putting a piece of scotch tape over your kitchen drain for the night. Cover half the drain, not the entire drain. If they are stuck to the tape in the morning, you know the drain is the culprit. Use a drain cleaner (enzyme or bacterial) that will clean the organic matter in the drain.
And, another species similar to fruit flies are fungus gnats that may be breeding in soil. If you have potted plants, put them in a closet or bathroom overnight. If the flies are only in that space, you know its the plant. Repotting the plant in fresh soil is best.Then remember not to overwater, which caused the fungal growth, which fungus gnat larvae feed on.