Retaining walls application and Market size

Asked February 7, 2013, 12:17 PM EST


For a project of mine I am looking to calculate the market size for retaining walls. But, It isn't easy to come across such information. Can you please guide me on that. Also, can you please advice on the application for retaining walls.


Allegheny County Pennsylvania

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Hi Vinay,

There will not be a simple answer to your question. I might even suggest that you take a step backward and ask if your entire business is going to building retaining walls. The equipment that this requires could be used in many other ways.

That issue aside, the first step will be identifying who might be your market. Are you selling a service of buidling retaining walls or are you also selling products that people can use to build their own wall? Next, are you building what might be more of a decorative retaining wall that will not require substantial work to hold back feet and tons of soil or are you also thinking of building retaining walls that hold the enitre backyard up? And moving on from the backyard, are you also thinking of working on walls for highways, building construction sites, etc? If that is the case, you will be needing to talk with contractors as to their desire to hire someone versus using their own equipment. For landscaping projects you need to contact doing home building, yard design and planting, etc to see what their needs are? Of course you need to determine the geographical area you are working in. Do you want to just stay in your county or will you go statewide or have some regional work? That brings in the topography question. The more hills, the more your service might be needed. But what are the hills comprised of - rock, dirt, sand, clay, or some mixture.

There is no one site that will answer these questions. You can find out who might be resources you need to talk with. Ask them what they are doing, who they are using, if they would be interesed in your services, etc. Of course that means being able to give them some idea of what the costs will be. Start attending tradeshows to learn who the leaders/influencers are. Also attend home and garden shows to see what is out there. This will take lots of time plus telephone calls, personal meetings, etc.

Regarding your question about "application for retaining walls," I assume you mean state/local license you need. That is a local question. You probably can go online and search for licensing bodies that might cover this business type.

Wish I had a simple answer. Your first task will be defining better what you see your business as being. Think about what benefit you offer as opposed to others and then who would be receptive to your message.

Good luck.