cameilla bud drop in houston tx

Asked February 7, 2013, 10:35 AM EST

My cameilla bush is loaded with buds and is showing somewhat of early opening but some of the more opened buds show brown discoloration around edges and are dropping off.Now healthy looking buds with no evidence of brown around the exposed petals are dropping off. Is there any treatment for this condition?

Harris County Texas

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Several things can cause bud drop in camellias, most related to environmental conditions. Extended hot weather conditions in early fall can result in a late fall bloom drop. In spring when things warm up quite a bit early some of the late blooming cultivars will often experience bloom drop. Other stresses such as dry soil conditions soggy wet conditions or wide fluctuations in soil moisture can cause the bloom buds to fall, as can most any stress including nutrition deficiencies or nitrogen excess, or too much shade. There is also a mite that can cause bloom drop. If you'd like to clip off a bloom with the end of the shoot and bag it in a zip close bag, and then drop it by our office at the address below we can check for mites. It may be necessary to spray the plants with a miticide, applied when the flower buds have set to manage the mites.

Finally if the problem is occurring year after year on a camellia plant it may be that cultivar is not well adapted to this area.