Bachelor buttons

Asked February 6, 2013, 7:23 PM EST

I saw on your web site Bachelor button flowers are invasive, but I am perplexed, as reading a mixed flower seed pack I bought at Home Depot has these in the mix. Also, I saw them being sold as a plant at a garden center here in Oregon. Should I throw the seed package out? If so, why are they selling them here, you cannot easily figure out what you are buying when the print is ultra small using the botanical name on the packages at a store.

Douglas County Oregon

1 Response

Bachelor buttons are invasive but they have not been put on the state invasive species list of noxious weeds. Therefore they can still be sold in wild flower mixes. Many of the plants in wild flower mixes can become pretty invasive so it is a good idea to read the label of what is in the mix you buy. There are a number of plants in the same family (Centaurea) as Bachelor buttons that are on the list of noxious weeds. Yellow star thistle, Spotted Knapweed, Squarose Knapweed, Russian Knapweed, and Diffuse knapweed so you can see the potential for invasive problems with this family. Sometimes the regulations are a little slow to react to a species until they are spread about.