Growing Meconopsis grandis from Seed

Asked February 5, 2013, 11:45 AM EST

Again I gave in to order some seeds from T&M for Meconopsis grandis. I have tried it twice before. Only some of the seedlings grew and then faded. I have a shady and somewhat cool spot under my maple tree for them, but cannot even get them to the transplanting stage. Is there a special trick to grow them? Can they survive in the Denver climate?

Denver County Colorado

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I tried to grow this plant from seed only one time several years ago with no success. They take a very long time to germinate and not many make it. Try getting them to germinate with no heat in a cool moist spot. They need to be kept quite moist but not wet or they will rot. If you do get a few to germinate, grow them in a small pot until the pot is filled with roots; that may give them a better chance and have enough energy to grow. From what I can find about them, it sounds like they do best in a cool damp climate of which we have neither here in the Denver area. I wouldn't plant them outside until they are strong plants. Good luck.