Lawn fertilizer

Asked February 5, 2013, 11:41 AM EST

We had a question on lawn fertilizer. Should we get winter type fertilizer or go ahead with a weed and feed that we normally put on in the spring? We are wanting to put something on before this Saturday's storm.

Natrona County Wyoming

1 Response

Do you have a weed problem? IF so and only IF so, go ahead with the weed and feed. If you don’t have weeds don’t put chemical on your lawn that won’t control something that is not there and could potentially harm/kill your trees and shrubs with roots under the lawn. I would more likely suspect you only need the fertilizer portion of the product and a winterizer could be beneficial now but may not be available. You can go forward with that or pick up a spring green up fertilizer. Currently the fertilizer companies are taking the Phosphorus out of fertilizer products and it is really beneficial to the root systems of all our plants. If you can find a fertilizer with some portion of P in the NPK formulation I would get that.