What steps would I need to take to sell eggs at an Ohio farmer's market?

Asked January 31, 2013, 8:03 PM EST

Would you be able to let me know the steps I would need to take to sell eggs at a farmer's market in the future? It could potentially be three farmer's markets in three different counties (Lucas, Fulton, and Wood).

Fulton County Ohio

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To sell shell eggs in Ohio there are a couple of things you must do.
1. You must contact the Ohio Department of Agriculture's Division of Food Safety and request they approve you as an egg producer. http://www.agri.ohio.gov/divs/FoodSafety/foodsafety.aspx

2. You must then work with your local health department to obtain a Mobile Retail Food Establishment License (MRFE). They will tell you what they require for you to sell your shell eggs at a farmers' market. Once you have your MRFE, it is acceptable in any Ohio county.

3. You must properly label your eggs. The ODA will advise you on the current labeling requirements and temperature controls. Your label will typically include your farm name, address, the words “Mixed Sizes, Ungraded” and the Packed Date, (the date the eggs were packed).
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