Providing fertilized eggs to schools

Asked January 29, 2013, 4:38 AM EST

I've been asked to provide fertilized eggs to elementary schools. They would like me to do a 15 minute presentation with the kids (with charts, pictures, and such), set the eggs in the incubator provided by the school, and show up 26 to 28 days later to collect the chicks. The kids will spend about a week with the chicks, which are kept in big, plastic, hay-lined bins with heating lamps.

If I do this:
1. How much should I be charging for the eggs?
2. How much should I charge for the presentation?
3. What responsibilities or obligations am I incurring?

Arapahoe County Colorado

1 Response

The cost of the eggs is up to you. The universities often give them away free to schools. Even hatcheries that sell fertile eggs online won't give a price, indicating that price is based on order size and delivery costs. Again, the presentation cost is up to you and the school. Make sure the school is aware of the risks of salmonella with the children handling the chicks, and provide information on good sanitary procedures.