determining the sex of new chicks

Asked January 28, 2013, 5:09 PM EST

We have a neighbor who just found homes for two roosters (with a lot of trouble). They have chickens for laying eggs. Is there a place that will determine the sex of new chicks so that we don't have to go through the torture of having roosters crowing all day? They really don't want them.


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To my knowledge the honest answer is no, there is no place to send chicks to have them sexed. I have had "old timers" give me pointers, and have had some that are truly into poultry production suggest some techniques, but all are subjective. Some of those include looking for spur "bumps" on the legs and looking at vents for shape differences that could suggest gender. Unless you buy from a breeder who guarantees the gender at time of shipping, or purchase sex-linked chicks, the best way to determine gender is to wait for male characteristics to manifest: spurs, waddles, larger combs, and saddle feathers.

To view material in support what I said, please use this link to a Mississippi State University publication on this topic of chick sexing:

John Thompson, ANR VCE-Fluvanna