yields, ph and NPK for michigan vegetable produce

Asked January 28, 2013, 7:02 AM EST

We are USDA certified, on one of my requirements I need to know yield of a variety of vegetables we grow. I have look everywhere, I have found a few but not for all. I would also like to know ph for a variety of vegetables and also average NPK requirements for a variety of vegetables

Kent County Michigan

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I have attached 2 bulletins that I believe will be of help to you as follows: Yields of Michigan Vegetable Crops and Fertilizing Michigan Vegetable Crops. Both bulletins are somewhat dated, but this is the most current we have and I continue to use them to answer yield and fertilizing vegetables questions.

Also, the link below is to the MSU Fertilizer Recommendation program. On-line, you can plug in your soil test data and generate MSU soil test recommendations for virtually any crop, including individual vegetables. Target pH for growing vegetables is 6.5. One exeception is potatoes and they will tolerate a lower pH. Potatoes I believer are discussed in the fertilizing bulletin. Let me know if I can be of further help. My contact information is listed below.