The Birds and the Bees

Asked January 23, 2013, 4:51 PM EST

I recently set out a bird feeder in my back yard in Loveland. This past Saturday I looked out in my yard and there were Bees swarming around my bird feeder some were inside pulling the bird seed out while others rummaged through the seeds knocking most of it to the ground. Is it the time of year with the frigid weather subsiding and no flowers around or is there something in the birdseed. They have just about emptied the the 1 ltr. former water bottle of food. I don't mind feeding the bees but I would like to feed the birds also.

Larimer County Colorado bird feed

1 Response

The Larimer County Extension Office has a list of local bee keepers that can assist in resolving how best to address the bee swarm. The phone number is 970-498-6000.. .