Beardless Grains

Asked January 22, 2013, 2:14 PM EST

I am wondering if naked oats are considered beardless? And also, are all beardless varieties bred for that purpose or are there types of grains that are inherently beardless?

Linn County Oregon

1 Response

Yes. Naked oats are beardless as they were bred without the lemma and palea, the seed protecting leaves known otherwise as chaff. The awn generally grows as an extension of the one. The awns can help produce photosynthesis. Many other cereal crops are bred some with and some without the awns. The particulars of the awn help differentiate long or short? Rough or smooth? Does it stand strqaight up or does it grow outwardly?

I am not sure about what you are asking when you asked the second part ""are all beardless varieties bred for that purpose..." What particular purpose and you referinng to? As for the awns themselves, much would depend on their genetic parentage.