Do you have any recommendations on treating white pines that have...

Asked January 21, 2013, 8:39 PM EST

Do you have any recommendations on treating white pines that have Canavirgella needlecast disease?

Stark County Ohio needle cast

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This is a fungal disease with limited treatment options. Fungal problems on trees seemed to explode following the extreamly wet year that we had in the summer of 2011. If the tree(s) are otherwise health they may very well recover on their own, but if they are otherwise in poor condition survival is much less likely.

Things that can contriqute to fungal problems include poor soil conditions (drainage and fertility) and trees planted too close to allow air flow. This results in moist foilage for long periods which contribute to the problem.

Fungicides can be helpful in some situations, but timing is critical. It is necessary to be certian which pathogen is causing the problem. Are we certain that it is Canavirgella? Has this been diagnosed by a plant diagnostic laboratory?

Finally treatment options become more limited as tree size increases. How large are the infected trees? What percentage of your white pines are infected?

Feel free to contact me to discuss your situration in more detail so we can discuss treatment options specific to your situation.