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Asked January 18, 2013, 4:35 PM EST

We are planning to move in Natrona County and have Boer goats (only 2) and plan to raise a few kids a year to supply ourselves with meat. Can you give me information on the grasslands around the area pertaining to grazing a few goats? Is there browse there that would help along with our feeding them? What pertinent information can you offer? I really am not sure what questions to ask. We are also looking in Campbell County for land. Any thoughts on that?

Natrona County Wyoming goats

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Great question. Much of Natrona County is shrubby. Species of shrubs present are typically sagebrush or greasewood (in alkaline areas). Other areas of Natrona County are more grassy so it would just depend on where you purchase property. You would have no problem raising a few goats in Natrona County. Once you have some properties in mind I would be willing to give you a site assessment if you would like. Campbell County is similar to that of Natrona County where some areas are more shrubby and other areas are more grassy; however, you could raise goats there as well. Please contact me at ashleyg@uwyo.edu or 307-358-2417 if you have further questions.