helping a starving horse that is not mine

Asked January 18, 2013, 3:37 AM EST

Across the st from me is a pastor that has 7 horses. 2 of which are in desperate need of help. The authorities have been called and although food is now put out. There is no shelter and I have been feeding these animals apples and carrots. My favorite horse is nothing but a skeleton. I do see him feed. Am I hurting him more by feeding him the apples and carrots? Can I get in trouble for feeding these horses over the fence?

Anderson County South Carolina horses nutrition

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I am sorry about the situation you have been seeing. Unfortunately if the proper authorities have been called (preferably the Department of Ag in your state, and the state veterinarian) there is nothing you can do. These horses my have other health issues that are contributing to their poor condition, i.e. old age. The only person you might get in trouble with when feeding the horses is the owner. As for hurting them it all depends on how much you are feeding. If you are feeding them bushels of apples and carrots, yes, that will be too much for their systems to handle in this poor condition. If it is only a few every day you are okay. The best thing for them now is grass hay. Starting out with a limited amount and working up to as much as they will eat; however, they can be over fed at this stage and cause more harm than good.

I hope this situation work out best for the horses.
I hope this information helps.