recovering horse pasture

Asked January 13, 2013, 10:59 PM EST

We are considering a property in the Indigo Lakes subdivision in Magnolia, Texas. The home sits on 5 wooded (pine) acres. How can we get advice on recovering the overgrazed portion of the property? And advice on planning management of the property to support our three horses in the future?

I previously lived in San Patricio County and have had acquaintances who benefited greatly from the advice of their county Extension agent. I am hoping for the same experience.

Harris County Texas

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A few thoughts...five acres will not support three horses. Any pasture you provide will likely only suffice for exercise and limited grazing. You will have to monitor the pasture closely to prevent overuse of the forage. This has severe environmental consequences...

Additionally, you may wish to visit my forage website. It can be found at

Finally, I would encourage you to contact your local county extension agent and local NRCS personnel. They can both provide you with much local expertise regarding your pasture management.

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