Stressed Thornless Hawthorn "Crimson "Cloud"

Asked January 12, 2013, 1:46 PM EST

A "Crimson Cloud" Thornless hawthorn has been growing along a verge in my daughter's neighborhood for at least 30 years. It is stressed by its location; close proximity to paved walk and roadway and by "pruning" by the utility company to keep it out of overhead wires. It has taken on a shrub-like appearance. However, it is still a pleasure to see in flower and in winter. Are there any measures we can take to improve its chances of survival?

Schenectady County New York

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This stressed tree should be well-mulched under the tree canopy, instead of having to compete with grass for moisture. You could also nourish the root system by spreading a 1" layer of compost under the mulch, you would have to remove to mulch to do this. Total mulch and compost layers should be 2-4". Water deeply once per week during dry times. For this purpose, you might consider purchasing a product called Treegator or other slow-watering device: