Shrubby Cinquefolia

Asked January 11, 2013, 11:55 AM EST

Hi there, I am in the process of going through my vast assortment of pictures taken this past summer while travelling from the Northwest (Tacoma) via Vancouver Island to Alaska and then all the provinces north of the Great Lakes to Labrador, then Newfoundland and eventually to Truro, N.S. I agreed to make a presentation to the local seniors of our community, Binz, Switzerland, this coming February. I am attempting to obtain the names of many flowers I permanently stored in my camera and some of themI just simply pose the greatest difficulties . The picture I have is in two segments. The first shows the plant, the second the flower. The name and date of the location are defined in the files name. Can you tell me, whether this is what I think it might be? Thank you so much for your help. John Huber, 8122 Binz, Switzerland

Outside United States

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What a wonderful trip!

I think your tentative identification of shrubby cinquefoil is likely correct, though it's difficult to be certain from the photos. Shrubby cinquefoil -Dasiphora fruticosa (often listed as Potentilla fruticosa) is common through most of the area where you traveled.You can compare your photo to several others at