tomato disease

Asked January 11, 2013, 12:39 AM EST

What is the disease with the following signs? Yellow n redish n brown patches on ripening Very small tomatoes Change of flavor in the tomato Rough tomato skin What's the cure of the disease?

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We do not have enough information to diagnose the problem on the tomatoes. The fruits and foliage of tomatoes can be subject to damage by many different diseases. Also, a large number of problems may be cultural and environmental. These include, insufficient water, nutrients, space, sunlight and support; poor soil, low pH, temperature extremes, root damage from cultivation, planting too late or early, plants not “hardened-off” properly, and setting out poor transplants.

Please see our online publication, "IPM Series: Tomatoes" for more information on tomatoes and their diseases. Also, go to our Plant diagnostic Website and view photos of Spots/Rots on tomatoes

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