Getting started with poultry on a small scale

Asked January 10, 2013, 11:38 PM EST

I am in the planning phases of starting a small-scale poultry operation. I want to raise broilers on pasture. My questions are:

  • What permits or licenses are required to sell directly to consumers on the farm and at farmers markets?
  • What are the local and state requirements to process the birds on my own farm? Will I need an inspected facility? If I use a local slaughterhouse, will I need any permits, licenses, inspections, etc?
  • Who do I talk to to get started on the right path?
  • What about adding eggs to the operation to sell directly to consumers at the farm or at market?
I am in the Tarrant/Parker County area and would likely be processing less than 10,000 birds per year.

Tarrant County Texas

1 Response

Please contact me directly,, and I will send you any information I have. In Texas, you need to work with the Department of State Health Services (DSHS) for meat production and DSHS and/or the Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA) for eggs, depending on who you are selling to.