Greenhouse position

Asked January 10, 2013, 8:26 PM EST

I am about to put up an 8.5' x 12.5' green house. Can you tell me if the length of it should run East to West or North to South. I am getting conflicting answers. Thank you so much!

Josephine County Oregon

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Often, there may be a limited choice of locations that will have adequate sunlight, adequate soil drainage, easy access for people and materials, access to utilities, and a pleasing blend with the landscape. For many homeowners, the appearance of the structure is most important, so compromises must be made to meet other location requirements.

One of the most important location requirements is sun exposure. Many flowering potted plants require full sun to perform well. A freestanding greenhouse for these plants should be constructed with the long sides of the building facing southeast to southwest.

For plants requiring less light, the greenhouse can face northeast to southeast or northwest to southwest.
Exposure is particularly important for attached greenhouses. Consider these locations in order: first - south or southeast, second - east, third - southwest, fourth - west, and last - north. Keep in mind that a western exposure can be too hot in summer, and a northern exposure usually does not receive enough light for most plants.

Also be aware that tall structures and trees near the greenhouse may block light for parts of the day. Falling limbs can also be a major problem if the greenhouse is located too close to trees.