Personality colors

Asked January 9, 2013, 12:46 PM EST

At one time, 4-H had a personality lesson that gave youth a color—green, blue, and so on. Of course, now when I want to use it again after 15 years, I cannot find the contents and questions that went with this lesson. Would you please tell me where I might be able to find this information? Thank you.

Iosco County Michigan

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The personality assessment inventory that was offered 15 years ago was called True Colors. The basic concept of the theory is that there are four personality styles. Everyone has aspects of each of the styles in their color spectrum, but to varying degrees. If someone's strongest color is green, he or she is probably a logical thinker, enjoys learning, and likes to solve problems. A strong blue personality likes peace and harmony and is sensitive to the needs of others. A person's whose first color is gold is likely organized, dependable, and prepared with a plan. People who have strong orange tendencies like excitement and adventure and are often spontaneous risk-takers.

More recently, many MSU Extension staff have been certified to offer Real Colors. The assessment instruments are different, but the color meanings are the same. True Colors and Real Colors both have websites with lots of interesting information. You could check with your local 4-H program coordinator to find out whether there is a certified trainer in your area.