Pine Beetle Awareness

Asked January 8, 2013, 11:59 AM EST

I am an eighth grader at Cimarron Middle School in Parker, Colorado. Recently I was given a project in my advance science class. For this project, I am in a group with three of my colleagues. We decided on the topic of deforestation in the Rocky Mountains. After we looked into the topic, we found that pine beetles are a major problem. As a group of four (and our Boy Scout friends), we knew that if Park Services hadn't found a solution, it would be incredibly challenging for us to. Thus, we decided to raise awareness through a relay race and meeting. However, we have come to realize that the city of Parker has a significant number of young people. Which brings me to my question: How do we get people to attend, inform the public, and try to get donations, all without boring the attendants? Are there any ideas that you have seen? Or that you have?

Thank you!

Douglas County Colorado

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Flyers are a great option, and if you can get approval from the school board to send flyers home with students, they can be very effective. Also, many radio stations and newspapers allow youth to come in and record public service announcements at no charge. You may also want to contact your local Extension office to get suggestions and find out whether you could team up with 4-H.