Hot-water-bath canning

Asked January 6, 2013, 5:06 PM EST

I make homemade red chili sauce. The only things I add after cooking and blending the chili pods are garlic, oregano leaves, and salt. Can I water-bath can my red chili sauce, or will I have to pressure can it?

Bernalillo County New Mexico home food preservation canning

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From the description provided in your question, I gather the ingredients in your salsa are chili pods, garlic, and seasonings. What's missing here is the acid, which helps preserve canned salsas and must be added when using a boiling-water canner because the natural acidity of the mixture will not be safe enough. There is no researched and approved recipe for red chili sauce that I can find by searching the UGA or USDA sites. Therefore, the best preservation method for your homemade product is freezing. A caution: Any recipes found online or from sources other than the national food preservation guidelines might not produce a safe product.

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