multibulbed onions

Asked January 1, 2013, 1:14 PM EST

every year I plant yellow onion sets and they develop into two or more smaller bulbs rather than the one bulb onion such as those in the stores. Why do my onions do this???

Morgan County Colorado

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HI, Your question about the onions is a good question. Onions splits are due mostly to cultural and environmental factors. Onions prefer to be planted close together, and will be less likely to split if crowed a bit. This is especially true for Spanish onions. Other factors that may influence this are uneven watering. Allowing the soil to dry down too far can cause this. Temperature fluctuations which are common in Colorado, dips below freezing, and planting onions too deep are other major factors
The best practices for growing onions include waiting till any danger of frost has past, planting then at the proper depth, and spacing, and providing adequate end even watering. If you have sandy soil remember that the water will move through the soil more rapidly than if you have clay soil. In both cases amending the soil with organic matter will assist in water retention or drainage. I hope that helps, and good luck with your next crop of onions.