Is Clover Invasive?

Asked December 31, 2012, 6:16 PM EST

I've read a recent article about Durana white clover, and it sounds like it could spread a lot when planted for wildlife feed plots. I'm wondering if it is safe to plant in west central Missouri (specifically Johnson County). The developers claim a grazing survival trial of only 4 years. I'm not so concerned with the grazing as to the spread, possibly choking out everything else.


1 Response

All white clovers produce lots of seed. Some of that seed is hard seed—more hard seed than many other types of clover. Because of that hard seed, a lot of white clover stands come back, after seemingly being long gone, when weather conditions are more favorable. Durana probably has this characteristic too. Although it is a clover developed in the mid-south and southeast U.S., it will probably do fairly well in west central Missouri. See Georgia data at

You might get a little winterkill in your area, but I think the hard seed will allow white clover to come back with most spring weather. Drought can be a problem too. But, again, the clover should come back with the rain.

The bottom line is, I really doubt that you will have any issues with this clover being too aggressive. See this Missouri document on white clovers: