How do I recondition my soil for planting season

Asked December 31, 2012, 12:10 PM EST

I live in Montgomery county, Texas and I have soil that is very acidic. I have done soil testing and each year I start off with the same conditions of a very high ph level and potash and nitrogen levels that are nearly zero. I have added commercial fertilizers in the past such as 13-13-13 and it has helped but it seems to have a limited effect on the overall results. It isn't a repeating result as some years one thing will do better than the other or productivity will be different between years. I realize that the environmental elements will play a large part to some of these issues and I have taken steps to help and try and limit so of these issues. I have removed a few trees to get a better sun pattern and removed all the Yaupon from the immediate area. I am needing to know what I can do to help revitalize the soil and what I need to keep doing to it to keep it up through out the rest of the year. I plant starting in February and through until November or December weather providing. I rotate vegetables to different spots in the garden as to not deplete one area. If someone could provide me with a way to treat the soil and types of vegetables that would grow best grouped together I would appreciate.

Montgomery County Texas horticulture soil and fertility issues

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I see a little contradiction in your description of your soil. You said you have a high pH but the soil is very acidic. Acidic soils have a very low pH. If you could let me know which one it is it would be helpful. You will need to replenish the nitrogen level each growing season. Nitrogen does not stick around more than about 30 days. Also the potash will need to be replaced every year. If you will email me at I can send more information on soil building. This system does not allow me to attach files.