Vegetable varieties

Asked December 27, 2012, 11:11 AM EST

What varieties of corn, tomatoes, green beans, squash, peas and radishes grow best in Colorado Springs, CO?

El Paso County Colorado

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Unfortunately, few land-grant universities conduct statewide veg variety trials anymore. CSU has done some variety trials in Fort Collins and the Arkansas Valley Research Center in Rocky Ford. Some varieties listed may be difficult to obtain (proprietary to large wholesale seed companies)

Sweet Corn: Trinity, HoneySelect, Silverado, Bodacious, Sugar King, Sugar Buns, Morning Sun, Golden Beauty, Early Xtra Sweet, Advantage, Cadet, Clockwork, Illumination, Lancelot, Sugar Snow Plant sweet corn in blocks rather than in one long row.
Tomatoes: cherry type: Sweet Million, SunGold larger: Early Girl, Quick-Pick, Early Cascade, Good-n-Early, Husky Gold, Celebrity, Carnival, Joker, Shady Lady, First Lady, New Girl
Green Beans - bush-type: Tendercrop, Romano, Harvester, Greensleeves, Blue Lake 274, Derby, E-Z Pick, Gentry, Pod Squad, Ventura
Squash: summer squash/zucchini perform better than winter squash. Most any zucchini variety will do well; very good ojnes include Butterstick, Condor, GoldRush, Elite, Midnite, Eminent, Envoy
Peas, shelled: Burpeeana, Miragreen, Green Arrow Plant peas around April 1
Radishes Champion, Early Scarlet Globe, Plum Purple, Poker, Red King, White Icicle must have loose, well-drained soil