How do I plant my christmas poinsettia outdoors?

Asked December 24, 2012, 10:32 AM EST

Is is possible for me to plant the Christmas poinsettias I received outdoors? If yes, how do I accomplish this?

Blanco County Texas

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Unfortunately, I recommend against planting your Poinsettia outdoors in Blanco County. The weather in your area is much too cold for it to survive outdoors. Instead, try to keep it alive in a container indoors. First, transplant to one size larger container. Then place it in the sunniest spot in your home. If the plant is not getting enough sun, which is likely, since most homes are not bright enough, it will stretch toward the light. If it is staying too wet or not getting enough water, it will display the same symptoms: leave yellowing and drop. You can tell how much water is in the container by lifting it and testing the weight. Make sure to place the container in the sink when you water, and let the extra water leach out of the bottom, not stay in a tray under the container. When it warms up, you may place the Poinsettia in a sunny spot in a protected area, but I recommend against full sun--that will be too harsh and will cause it do dry out rapidly and die very quickly. Next year, in mid-late October, bring the plant indoors and place it in a completely dark closet overnight every day (5 PM'ish to 8 AM'ish the next morning), until you notice that the plant has formed the red bracts that will surround the flowers.

Best of luck,

Best of luck.