Quick growth in pigs

Asked December 24, 2012, 1:58 AM EST

What are some of the medications that enhance growth and body weight, and how many months can a pig have a live body weight of 100 kg?

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There really is not a magic medication that will make an average pig turn into a superior market hog. If proper management, nutrition, housing, and health programs are implemented you stand a better chance of raising a superior market hog. Ractopamine is a FDA approved product for finishing swine. This product is used to repartition nutrients from storing fat to instead being used in lean tissue production. I must emphasize that this product is for the finishing stage of production, last 7 weeks of finishing. The largest response will be seen in the first four weeks of this product.
There is not a withdrawal time for this product. Follow the label instructions of any product that is purchased and used on your operation.
As far as weight goes, market hogs should weigh 100kg at 5-6 months of age depending on management. Under optimum management this should be the case. you may see a range from 100 kg to 122kg at 6 months of age.
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Use of a medicated feed with additive chlortetracycline for growth promotion and improved feed efficiency in the presence of digestive and respiratory diseases. Approved products in the U.S. are listed at http://www.farad.org/vetgram/searchlist.asp.