Ppm calculation

Asked December 19, 2012, 7:50 PM EST

Hi how to calculate ppm. Is 100 ppn solution for sweet pepper good for seedlings. I wonder why my pepper plants have small white spot as you can see in the photo


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We apologize for the delay in answering. We are not yet fully staffed by eXtension experts in the area of your question.

We are not sure what nutrient you are talking about when you refer to ppn. Here is an explanation that may help.

We couldn't tell what is going on with your plants without a little more information.
It may be an insect with sucking mouth pieces, because the lines seem to follow the veins, more than not. Have you looked on the bottom side of the leaves to see if you find any insects? I have also included a link for diseases for tomatoes and peppers below. These two are in the same family.


Please reply back with a little more information, if the links do not help identify your problem. It may be that the disease/pest problem has progressed enough to help, if you send another picture.

Thank you. We look forward to hearing from you.