Grape Propagation

Asked December 12, 2012, 3:02 PM EST

When is the best time of year for rooting grapes? What part of the vine do you cut for propagation? I have 3 vines that are aproximately 50 years old. I need to move them and don't know if they would handle the shock at their age.

Marion County Oregon

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The recommendations from Steve are correct. Be sure to take the cuttings this winter while the vine is dormant. Make sure that your cuttings are pencil diameter in thickness. Any smaller than that meas the wood may be too weak and the buds may not be viable. Also, do not collect your dormant cuttings until you are ready to pot them up and growing them. If not properly stored, the buds may desiccate. If you want to collect them for later growing, be sure to place them in moist (not wet) newspaper or paper towels in cold storage (root cellar, refrigerator).