Planting Bulbs with the Warmer Winter

Asked December 7, 2012, 1:14 PM EST

I've got some crocus and dutch iris bulbs. I haven't planted them yet (Dec. 7th). With this years unseasonably warm temperatures, can I still get them in the ground even after the planned snow this weekend?

Boulder County Colorado bulbs horticulture flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials

1 Response

Yes you can, but it would be better to try to get them in the ground Saturday Dec 8 before Sundays cold rolls in. If you can't, try to do it during the next warm dry spell. After planting, cover the planting area and a foot or so out from planting area with a mulch (wood chips, straw, etc) about 3" thick. Water to settle mulch. The mulch will help soil underneath stay a little warmer.