Nutrients to put on the garden in the fall

Asked December 5, 2012, 5:26 PM EST

I have just started a new garden and I would like to know which organic nutrients do I put on the soil now. Wood ashes, rock phosphate? or do I wait until spring? Does the soil in the Bend area need iron? When should that be put on?

Deschutes County Oregon horticulture soil and fertility issues

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Hi, I suspect you are referring to a vegetable garden and not a flower garden? If so, then you can add a compost that is weed-seed free. Either finely composted landscape materials or aged manures (weed seed free and free from herbicide residue) can be added at this time to break down over the winter months. These products will provide a well rounded amount of organic nutrtients and microorganisms to the area. The two items you mention above each provide specific nutrients and can be added if you know you are deficient in potash(wood ashes) or phospate (rock phosphate). I can send you the application rates for these if you decide to use them. For more on Improving Garden Soil with Organic Matter you can check out the OSU Publication: Thanks, Amy Jo