Biting in Child Care Centers

Asked December 4, 2012, 10:14 PM EST

How do I prevent biting among children in my child care center?


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Biting can be a challenging behavior, but it's one that child care providers can manage. The first step is to understand why the child is biting. Common reasons for biting include teething, exploration, imitation, attention, frustration, and learning cause and effect. Once you understand why the biting is occurring, solutions ranging from keeping the routine predictable to providing duplicates of popular toys may reduce the problem. To learn more about why some children bite, take a look at Why Do Some Children in Child Care Bite Others? ( For more in-depth information about preventing biting, check out the article Tips for Preventing Repeated Biting in Child Care ( The article includes a short video segment of a teacher discussing how she handles biting in her toddler classroom. Good luck; I hope this information helps.