What is an Environmentally Safe Way to Control Fire Ants on 18 Acres?

Asked December 4, 2012, 12:26 AM EST

My husband wants to hire exterminators to poison fire ants on much of our 18 acres. We currently manage the land under Wildlife Exemption. I don't think we have a dense infestation. Can the ants be eliminated? Would the ant poisoning have a negative impact to the land or wildlife? What would be the most environmentally safe way to manage the ants? When is the appropriate times of the year to take actions?

Waller County Texas fire ants integrated pest management

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Check our the publication at: http://www.extension.org/pages/9755/management-of-imported-fire-ants-in-cattle-production-systems-printable-version. Cost of applying a broadcast application of a bait-formulated fire ant product (e.g. Extinguish Plus, Extinguish, Esteem, AmdroPro, or the hopper blend of Esteem plus AmdroPro) will cost about $10/acre in chemical cost plus application cost ($7/acre using a GT-77 model Herd Seeder or aerial application service). This is best don in late summer early fall or after warmer weather returns in the spring and provides 80 to 90 percent control, with speed and duration of control varying with active ingredient of the product(s) used. Treatments are considered to have minimal risk to land or wildlife when used as directed. Also see: http://insects.tamu.edu/fireant/materials/factsheets_pubs/pdf/FAPFS006.2002rev.pdf.