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Professor Kolding`s Open-Pollinated Sorghum Lines

Professor Mathias KOLDING; I am a master student in NDSU Department of Plant Sciences. I am studying with Professor Burton Johnson and we are evaluating `Location, Seeding Date, and Genotype Maturity Interactions on Grain Sorghum in North Dakota. We harvested your lines (SARE and PI lines) third week of October. I will choose and plant 4 open-pollinated genotypes from your lines in 2018 and 2019 growing season. Unfortunately, I have no idea about your SARE lines. In order to use and add my thesis, can you share lines history and story or genetic structures to me? Cool tolerance, kernel color, kernel size, chemical component of grain (protein, ash content ect.), maturity, breeding year. If you have yield trial result that is excellent for me. SARE 6, SARE 10, SARE 14, SARE 17, SARE 22, SARE 25, SARE 34, SARE 37, SARE 65, SARE 66, SARE 67, SARE 68, SARE 70, SARE 72, SARE 74. If you want, I can give more information about my thesis. Furthermore, you can make connection my advisor Professor Burton Johnson. Best Regards, Kutay Yilmaz NDSU Plant Sciences - New Crops Production 701-541-4479

Cass County North Dakota about 2 hours ago

Parisites in and on skin

What parisite are
do they consider inhouse . Is earwigs one of them? If so what does it look like and how much damage does it do ?

Arkansas household insects about 5 hours ago

I have Chinese dogwood, Dwarf apple and Fire on the mountain bushes. When is...

I have Chinese dogwood, Dwarf apple and Fire on the mountain bushes. When is the best time of year to prune?

Clark County Ohio about 5 hours ago

Any Enologists on this site which can answer a question about ML?

For bigger red wines I want them to push through ML early. At press I inoculate with ML bacteria and keep it warm. Usually takes 12+ weeks to complete ML. I am doing this in stainless tanks. So the big question, should I rack before ML is complete or wait? Don’t want to flush all of the ML goodness (nutrients, etc) but also don’t want a stinky wine.


Allegheny County Pennsylvania about 7 hours ago

brined turkey breast

Can I brine 2 turkey breasts then cook in nuwave convection oven?

Alamance County North Carolina about 9 hours ago

little cob webs

I see very thin cob webs close to my plants, i do not see who makes them, but even when i remove them they come back. What can i do. Thank you very much. bob

Bucks County Pennsylvania about 9 hours ago

Winter protection

My garden of mouse ear hostas and small ferns has been trampled by the replacement of an old fence. Is there anything I can do now to help them though until Spring?

Montgomery County Maryland about 10 hours ago

Fort Dodge Bats

Do you have any information on the bats in Fort Dodge, IA? Migration or Hibranation? Specific areas in town? If info not in your wheel-house, can you recommend someone to contact?


Webster County Iowa about 11 hours ago

transplant bearded iris?

Is it too late to divide and transplant bearded Iris in Boulder County?

Boulder County Colorado about 11 hours ago

Black Gum planting shock

I have a Black Gum tree that was planted last fall. It had leaf buds throughout the winter. In the spring, the leaves only came out in the center of the tree. Each brach had at least a foot that did not leaf out. The tree has grown quite a bit over the spring and summer, but the leafing problem is about the same proportion. It was watered weekly after planted until hard frost. In the spring and summer, there was a lot of rain. I did water it after leafing, hoping it would help. Should I cut the none-leafing bits off, or should I wait until next spring to see if the problem is corrected?


Frederick County Maryland abiotic issues black gum tree about 12 hours ago

I am a novice to blueberry growing, however, I am interested in learning more...

I am a novice to blueberry growing, however, I am interested in learning more about it and establishing a little land for myself with blueberries. What do you recommend I buy from a nursery to get going? 1 or 2 liter pots or the 38-72 cell liners? My goal is to eventually have 40 acres. Thank you


Oregon about 13 hours ago

Soil Testing

I collected soil in authorized bag from the Univ of MD Extension.

Where shall I mail it for the test?


Baltimore County Maryland soil test about 13 hours ago

Apple Tree planting?

Hi. My name is Matt Darling I am the manager of Cross Orchards Historic Site in Grand Junction, CO 81504. This spring we are planing on planting a dozen apple trees. What is the best time in the spring to plant apple trees? Also are their any nutrients or fertilizers you could recommend?
Thank You


Mesa County Colorado about 14 hours ago


We bring in our hibiscus trees every year and have a "greenhouse" in our basement. However, by February, they are usually covered with aphids despite our spraying them very heavily before we bring them in. I was told years ago by you that a safe spray can be made using Ivory dish liquid and water. However, I have misplaced the instructions. Please let me know the dishwasher liquid-to-water ratio. Thank you.


Howard County Maryland hibiscus houseplant aphids about 15 hours ago

Black maple tree

I’ve been told that our black maple tree is a rarity. Is that so? Austin Cohen


Baltimore County Maryland about 15 hours ago

Recommend wind thinning tall firs?

Greetings, We have 3 very tall firs in our yard. We have received conflicting opinions from tree companies regarding the benefits of wind thinning. Where can I get objective guidance? Thank you, William Waterman

Clackamas County Oregon 1 day ago

seed viability question

I brought in some seeds, mostly Datura, after the temperature was under 30 degrees F. Would they still be viable for next year or would it have been better to bring them in when temps were over 32?


Anne Arundel County Maryland flowers seed viability datura 1 day ago

freezing potato flakes

Can I put instant potato flakes in a Snap Ware container and freeze them so they won't go bad?


Marion County Oregon food storage food safety 1 day ago

Soil test for blueberries

1. How do I go about getting my soil tested for a proposed site for blueberries next year? 2. How do I get on a list to receive the monthly MG newsletter? 3. Are there ever any field trips to the Oak Creek Center for Urban Horticulture in Corvallis?


Marion County Oregon blueberries master gardener osu 1 day ago

what is this weed?

I inherited a community garden plot this spring, and despite 1/4" or more of newspaper covered with landscape fabric carefully laid out from last year, these weeds grew everywhere. They sprouted under the fabric and many forced their way through the fabric. They have an incredibly extensive stolon system. What is this weed and what can I do next year to control/eliminate it? Will tilling the plot destroy the roots or just further spread them? Second question: There is a huge extensive multistemmed fig plant on the plot, probably 10-12 feet wide and easily 10 feet tall, growing quite vigorously. It produced a lot of fruit, but the fruits never completely ripened. 20-40 tall woody stems but none more than an inch or so in diameter. Some internet sites suggested the tree needed fertilizer while others said it had too much fertilizer. I did not feed the tree at all. The tree is old enough that I would think the roots are established enough to carry it through dry periods in the summer. Its leaves stayed green and robust all season. Note there are lots of raspberry canes growing around and under tree, so the soil seems adequately protected by shade.


Img_3781_300x300%2523 Img_3774_300x300%2523

Montgomery County Maryland plant identification fig weed dentification pruning 1 day ago

Cost of Cottage food law

What is the cost for using Cottage Food Law ?


Barry County Michigan 1 day ago

What are these?

Hello - I wonder if you can identify these "guests" and tell me what to do about them. We live in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and although I noticed one or two last week (when the outside temps go up and down, insects do show up indoors), they have been increasing for a few days. They seem to enjoy the kitchen sink best (I don't see any under the sink), but now they're beginning to explore the house. They look like pint-sized flies. They don't bite or make noise that I've observed. I've heard of drain flies, but I don't know anything about them. I would really like them to end their visit - they don't even have the excuse of being relatives! Thank you in advance for your help. Kind regards, (Mrs.) Mary Lichlyter

Flies_1_300x300%2523 Flies_2_300x300%2523 Flies_3_300x300%2523

El Paso County Colorado 1 day ago

What is this?

Hi I have found three of these large mushrooms (or whatever they are) in my garden this year. The are brown and at least 8 to 10 inches in diameter. They are all under and around the perimeter of a large, mature Silver Maple. Thanks very much.


Img_2743_300x300%2523 Img_2744_300x300%2523

Ramsey County Minnesota 1 day ago


Hi, I live in Crescent Springs KY. , can you tell me were in Kenton County I can find a community plot to plant vegetables next Spring 2018? thanks Mike

Kenton County Kentucky 1 day ago

Emerald green arborvitae, sudden death in 4 to 5 weeks.

I am at a loss to understand why two out of 12 new, 6-7 foot American emerald green arborvitae just decided to suddenly give up the ghost. At first, I had noticed a somewhat wide (8-10”) symmetrical, brown strip, down the front side of each shrub, from ground to top. The rest of both was still somewhat green! 10 of the 12 shrubs, are across the yard, and doing beautifully, all were planted almost 2 years ago. These two were fine, until mid to late Sept., when this brown stripe appeared. No matter what I had done, it became progressively worse for within about 4–6 weeks. With an extremely hot and very dry summer, I had thought that watering those two and 10 other larger arborvitaes, on either side of the sick ones, would help. All other shrubs are doing extremely well, except for these two. 1-2 weeks after watering, sufficiently, they became worse. Also, I had fertilized those with a safe, liquid fertilizer water. Nothing helped. Shortly before I had started research as to the cause, I decided to tamp down the dirt around their bases, with my foot. Strangely enough, a 10 to 12 inch ring around the base of each shrub, my foot sank down in, about 4-5 inches!!! I’m fighting a very aggressive mole problem, but they eat grubs. Gophers, or something like those, do eat roots. Question: If gophers or the equivalent, why in the world target only these two shrubs, and not touch the other shrubs on either side of those two?! In total, my entire backyard is bordered by about 45-50 well established, lush arborvitaes. Could there have been a ridiculously large number of grubs, around the roots of these two shrubs, and with my ravenous, horde of moles, could they have caused so much air to be around the roots. Therefore, drying the roots, which I’m sure most were just starting to grow out into the soil, from the potting soil which was the shape of their planting pots, killing the shrubs? A fact is, something caused that dirt around both of those shrubs to “fluff“ up. Then, to sink down, when I tamped/stomped the dirt down around their bases. I have no clue as to why I had done that, which has ended up being my best clue. At present, they do have some hint of a sickly looking yellowish-green within all of the brown. Not 100% brown, yet, but darned near close to it. I’m buying stock in the “Grubex” company! My main hobby is gardening. I’m just sick about it, because those shrubs, on sale, were $50 each. ...enough to make a grown man weep. (It would have to be too dark for a helpful photo!)


Jackson County Michigan trees and shrubs 1 day ago

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