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how to use the soy byproduct akara as a fertilizer

I make my own tofu. The byproduct of making the soy milk is called akara in Japanese and apparently is good for fertilizer. How is it prepared? Is it dried first? Does it have to compost or can it be added directly to the vegetable garden? Should it be added during the growing cycle or before planting?

Larimer County Colorado less than a minute ago

Controlling/ eliminating bindweed

I live in East Denver and have a pretty serious bindweed problem. I have read that Aceria malherbae mites can help to stress and eventually kill the plant, but I am wondering what effects the mites would have on our other plants, and our dogs.
We have raised beds with edibles planted nearby, and we are trying to establish a wildflower area (as a substitute for grass/lawn) Our dogs spend lots of time in the yard, as do we, and we are avid organic gardeners, so a non toxic solution is obviously preferable.
Any advice or suggestions you have would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you,
Morgan Wolfe

Denver County Colorado 1 minute ago

Too hot to apply Moss treatment on roof?

I work for a small local company here in Oregon and like to use Moss-B-ware in liquid form with a spray tank. My concern is does it get too warm to apply treatment? I kind of assumed that what evaporates is the water and not the Moss treatment. I do you have my ODA commercial pesticide applicator license but have had difficulty with getting an answer from Lily Miller. Love you guys at Oregon State, any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Multnomah County Oregon 4 minutes ago

flower id

Please ID this flowering shrub in the neighborhood


Prince George's County Maryland 12 minutes ago

Medium heirloom tomato varieties for SE michigan?

Hi I'm looking to start saving seeds each year, so I want to switch to 1-2 varieties of heirloom tomatoes that will grow well in my area. I'd prefer indeterminate, medium size red tomatoes that will be eaten, and all leftovers canned. I'm having a lot of trouble getting answers on the best types of tomatoes for the job.

If there's a good indeterminate variety of cherry tomatoes too, that would be great!

Oakland County Michigan 20 minutes ago

nannyberry is fruitless

Nannyberry planted in 2000, bore fruit for some years; flowers but no fruit last 5 or so years. Do I need a second nannyberry to grow fruit?


Ramsey County Minnesota 21 minutes ago

Sourwood tree

We have a very young one. Went in ground last summer. Foliage came out orange-gold. Still same color. We remember our Sourwood in Bellingham, WA as being green in summer, then fall color plus blooms. Should we be concerned or not? Any thoughts? See pic.

Benton County Oregon 22 minutes ago

What species?

I was told this is a succulent. Working on making it root so I can plant it.

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Adams County Colorado 26 minutes ago

Ground cover for large area

I’m an HOA Board member. We have a huge “garden” along the ICC sound wall in our community. We have planted all 1.1 miles with mostly native plants. But there are still weeds which drive some people crazy. Rather than weed and mulch at great expense, is there a native or non-invasive ground cover we could seed on those slopes? Would white Dutch clover work to suppress some of the weeds? Other ideas? Please let me know quickly if you can. Thank you!

Montgomery County Maryland 41 minutes ago

Slug like creatures on my Datura

I have a Datura, in a pot on my deck, 4 feet off the ground. These weird little guys mowed through half of my plant in one day! Can you please help me identify? Some people say cereal bug larvae; they are similar, but I don't think that's what they are

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Ramsey County Minnesota about 1 hour ago


This Azalea barely bloomed this season and now has a spongy like fungus or disease all over it. I need help identifying it and how to properly dispose of it, please.

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Lewis County Washington about 1 hour ago

Should I be worried?

Just came across these little bugs in our bathroom and was wondering if I should be worried? Just recently stayed the night at a hotel and I'm praying they aren't bed bugs. Should I call an exterminator to be safe?

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Paulding County Ohio about 1 hour ago

Ash Tree

We live in Abingdon, near Festival Shopping Center, and have two ash trees that are dying. Has this area been impacted by the emerald ash borer? We have many dead branches all over. Last year it began with the leaves wilting and looking sickly. This year many of the leaves did not return, as the branches have died. Thank you, Carolyn Wolf

Harford County Maryland about 1 hour ago

Moving a Honey Locust Tree

Can I successfully relocate a honey locust tree which was planted in the autumn of 2015 and it has now grown to a height of over 10-12’ tall. Would I need to hire a professional tree mover? Thank you for your help!


Sherburne County Minnesota about 1 hour ago

Lilac mystery

I replanted some lilacs shoots last year from a mature bush and they all caught, and this year they started out with vigorous growth, but three plants started to dry out after 6 weeks. the leaves stayed green and in regular shape through the drying process, and I cant figure out what caused it or how to stop it from continuing. any suggestions? it seems to be spreading. I did spread a 1/3 fistful of 32-17-7-3 fert around each plant, plus mulched them with 12 year old rotted manure. Think I did too much? we've had 4 inches of rain since spring,

Montana about 1 hour ago

Indoor Lemon Tree

I have a really nice three year old lemon tree. It is indoors next to a window in Georgia. For the last twelve months it has been shedding leaves significantly. It is still growing fruit, and lots of it, but it has less and less leaves. Please see pic. I am not an expert on the subject but would like to bring this tree back to health. Any suggestions or recommendations? Thank you in advance for any help our courtesy.


Gwinnett County Georgia about 2 hours ago

Evergreen selection

We live in Mt, Hood Parkdale and are looking for evergreen suggestions for planting in the entry area (west side of home). We do not want it to exceed 8-10' and if it had some color variation that would be great. It would get later day sun. It is also on the dryer side of lot although we do have an irrigation system.

Hood River County Oregon about 2 hours ago

Azalea problem

These yellow spots have just appeared on otherwise healthy plants. Never seen before. What are they and what should I do? Thanks


Montgomery County Maryland about 2 hours ago

Leaf dropping

my 100+ year old mulberry tree has in the last week been dropping leaves like crazy. My front yard looked more like mid Sept than mid Jun. I literally raked up a full large plastic bag of leaves this morning. The rate of dropping has slowed but it has far from stopped. Should i be very worried. This tree covers my entire front yard.

Baltimore County Maryland about 3 hours ago

my question

how long do you have to own a horse to do dad potter at county fair with it

Oregon about 3 hours ago

Non flowering hydrangea

I purchased a hydrangea for my shade garden about 4 years ago. It grows but never buds or flowers. What can I do to get it to flower?


Itasca County Minnesota about 3 hours ago

Problem hedge

My hedge looks like it is dying. Could someone help me identify the problem.

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Prince George's County Maryland about 3 hours ago

Plant ID and health

Hello we moved into a new house recently and one of the plants that was previously planted appears to have something wrong with it. Most of the areas that are distressed appear to be related to certain branches as some of the plant looks ok. We are looking for help Id'ing the plant and any advice on what ails it or how to improve its health. The plant is on the westside of the house so the house blocks most of the morning sun but it does recieve sun in the afternoon. Thanks for any help you can provide!


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Washington County Oregon about 4 hours ago

Is this a good bug or bad bug?

My question is in the subject line. If it is a bad bug, what should I do? The bug is a little dusty because it was in a plastic bag withdraw soil. If you need a better picture, please let me know.

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Montgomery County Maryland about 4 hours ago

Garden pest identification

Hi, I have a ground cherry growing in a pot in my garden and recently noticed that the leaves were being eaten by something. There are a lot of ants on the plant so I suspected aphids, but today I found these guys munching on the leaves. Any idea what they are? I’ve never seen them before.

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Hennepin County Minnesota about 4 hours ago

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