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mud nest

Was hoping you could identify the insect that made the nest in the picture. thanks


Charlotte County Florida 39 minutes ago

Cherry trees for high water table

I have a lakeside home in Hamburg Township, and I would like to plant a dozen cherry trees, mixed tart and sweet varieties, on well-drained alkaline soil. The water table is only 2 ft. or so below the soil level. Can you recommend any rootstocks, varietals, etc. that would be most likely to thrive in this environment?

Livingston County Michigan 44 minutes ago

Pre-emergent herbide

I am planning on applying a pre-emergent herbicide to my Northglenn, CO established buffalo-grass turf by the recommended March 15 date. Do you recommend granular or liquid? What if ground temperature or night air temperature falls below freezing-should I wait? and which brand would be best suited for CO? Barricade? or have other brands been tested for better results?

Denver County Colorado about 2 hours ago

What's wrong with my African Milk Tree?

My African Milk Tree is about 7 ft. tall and is now turning yellow, the leaves are shriveling up and the new growth is drying up; what is wrong? The soil is very sandy, is watered about once a month with about a cup of water. I do have some small stones in the base for water drainage. I notice that many of the stems have like a scab on them instead of nice green. The pot is 7 in. tall by 10 in. round. I lost another huge old African Milk tree several years ago that did the same thing. The plant is at the edge of our East lg. window. Can you help me?

Sherburne County Minnesota houseplants succulents about 2 hours ago

strawberrry planting

I live in martin county. what are good strawberry plants to have. how to winterize them.


Martin County Minnesota strawberries about 3 hours ago

Dying trees

When we moved here 3 years ago, we had 6 coniferous trees across our backyard. One was already dead. Over the next 2 years, the trees have died one by one in a row. Now our big holly bushes are dying also. We don't know why. Any ideas?

Cecil County Maryland about 3 hours ago

possible 2018 caterpillar infestation in N.E.

We’re wondering if it’s too early to guess if we could be in for another scourge of caterpillars this year. We live in a pine barren area in MA rich with a variety of pine trees and other tree varieties. We experienced heavy defoliation in 2016 so many of us paid professionals to spray our property last spring (2017). This winter has been pretty mild with several cold snaps, but not a lot of snow. We have had about 10+” of rain since 1/1/18, but spring hasn’t begun yet. We’re trying to decide yea or nay for tree spraying again this spring, but we need to decide fairly soon. Can you provide any advice?

Plymouth County Massachusetts about 3 hours ago

Article for the Broomfielder Magazine

I am a writer for the Broomfielder magazine and am writing an article on Summer Gardening Prep. I am hoping to get a few quotes from a Master Gardener. My article will cover the following:

  • Tips on planters/containers and building a backyard planter,
  • How-to of growing from seeds in your home and maybe
  • When to start planting which plants
If anyone could assist, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you!

Broomfield County Colorado about 4 hours ago

Trying to get rid of moss in a lawn and need to find out soil pH

I am having trouble getting grass to grow on a hill on my lawn. However, I have an overabundance of moss in the same space. How can I send in a sample of my soil to the cooperative extension so that they can test it for me? I am trying to get rid of moss on my lawn and i need to find out what my soil pH is and whether or not my soil contains the necessary nutrients for growing a healthy lawn. I'm trying to determine if my issue is low soil pH & lack of nutrients or if it's a shade issue.

Howard County Maryland about 4 hours ago

Japanese Black Pine, Winter Pruning

I was too eager and pruned the bottom part of my Japanese Black Pine yesterday, while it was raining on and off. Today I learned that is not good to prune in the rain since wet weather can spread bacterial spores as well as my rusty shears. What disease should I look out for if I did do some damage?

Multnomah County Oregon pine trees pruning about 6 hours ago

Grow Lights

I'm starting seeds indoors (away from windows) on a 12" wide shelf and need to provide lighting. What would be the most cost efficient type of lighting?

Baltimore County Maryland about 6 hours ago

Japanese maples did not loose their leaves over winter

I believe that the Japanese Maples in my yard typically loose their leaves completely in the winter. I know that I have pictures of them in ice storms in the winter with no leaves. This year they have kept their leaves throughout and they are still rust colored and hanging on. Could you tell me if this is an usual and why?

Montgomery County Maryland about 7 hours ago

Pest Resistant Apple Varieties

We have two apple trees. One is probably Jonathan, and the other Golden Delicious. Their fruits are badly damaged by worms. What varieties of apple trees are good to grow in Corvallis, Oregon? They musttbe pest and disease resistant as much as reasonably possible.

Benton County Oregon apple trees about 7 hours ago

production of feed

please explain more on the production of feed and how many kilograms for a bag for broiler

Outside United States about 8 hours ago

knock out roses

I didn't trim my roses in the fall can I trim them in the spring? What month is a good time to trim?

Baltimore County Maryland about 9 hours ago


too many earthworms after rain in my driveway as compare to other houses in my neighborhood. they are pink color 2 inches to 5 long.

How to get rid of them please

Berks County Pennsylvania about 9 hours ago

moscovy duck

hello my moscovy duck layed 15 eggs.She hatched 2 ducklings yesterday.But today no eggs hatched.

Outside United States about 15 hours ago

Annuals that japanese beetles don't eat

I'm thinking ahead to the upcoming growing season and wondering what annual flowers I can use in my pots that the japanese beetles will not eat. Last couple of years they have eaten my impatiens, geraniums, marigolds and petunias. Is there a list out there that will help me pick the right annuals this year?


Washington County Minnesota japanese beetles japanese beetle resistant plants about 19 hours ago

Sump pump discharge exit...under water

Hi! I live in a home that is built into a small hill. So, when you walk in off the street and go to the back of the home, you are 12 feet above the ground. So, my house is considered a ranch with a walk out lower level. The sump pump discharges into a small creek behind the house. However, when we get several inches of rain, the creek becomes a small stream and the sump pump discharge exit is under water. While I know the system is designed to stop water from flowing backwards, how does the sump pump get rid of water if the exit is under water?

Franklin County Ohio about 20 hours ago

Please help

What is this? And how do I get rid of it? We live in West Texas out in the country, this stuff has taken over everywhere spread like carpet and basically killed what grass we did have, it sticks to everything much worse than the normal grass burrs, gets in the house and the little barbs hurt like the dickens, poor dog has a terrible time getting around even watched a roadrunner go across a patch of it poor little guy didn't know what had gotten a hold of him.


Motley County Texas about 20 hours ago

tree bracket fungus

Discovered along Rickreall River walk in Dallas. I have observed many types but this one is new and remarkable to me. Can you identify it? Small, estimate about two inches for larger individuals. On fallen cottonwood.

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Polk County Oregon mushroom identification about 21 hours ago

Anyone available in the UP?

Hi Experts!! Thank you for being here!!! We are new to the U.P of Michigan in the Keweenaw Peninsula and we have some questions! HA
1. Is there anyone available to come out and help us access our land? Drainage is an issue, where to put greenhouses/hoophouses, the best crops to plant for the soil and micro-climate, etc are all things we'd like an expert opinion on before we spend all of our resources and get it really wrong!
2. I know there are grants for new farmers, any advise when applying for those resources?
3. Licensing.... every time I get into the state licensing website I get lost and side tracked. I would like to know more about licensing to sell eggs, fruit, veggies and meat to restaurants/grocery stores, specifically the website that I can't seem to find. Ran out of space LOL Thank you!!!

Houghton County Michigan about 24 hours ago

Slugs, snails and ...

Is there a definitive answer to our slug problem? What is the most efficacious method of removing these dratted pests.


Multnomah County Oregon slugs and snails 1 day ago

How Do I Destroy Underground Bees?

What is the best way to eliminate underground bees? They are near our front entrance iunder a Serviceberry (Amalanciher) which is covered by pachysandra. We live in a wooded area.

Howard County Maryland 1 day ago

Oak Tree to Plant

I live in west Greeley Colorado. I have already planted a Kentucky Coffee in my back yard and once I cut my cotton wood down I want to plant another like tree in its place. I believe I want the faster growing Northern Red Oak but am a bit concerned about my soils PH being above 7.5. Is there any way to check my soil PH.

Weld County Colorado 1 day ago

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