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I read with gratitude your explanation and advice on the adjustments necessary for making candy at high altitudes. I am wondering if you might have an actual chocolate fudge recipe that you would recommend for an elevation of 5,200 feet. I grew up at sea level, love to bake and cook, and find doing so in Colorado a definite challenge. I would very much appreciate a tried and true recipe for fudge if available. Many thanks.

Arapahoe County CO about 2 hours ago

What is this swelling bump

Have a bump on my face it's swollen and when I squeeze it it let's out clear fluids

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MO about 4 hours ago

No eggs this winter

We have 14 hens all of whom have stopped laying since the last molt about a month ago. Not all of them went through the molt, but all stopped laying completely. There has been no change in feed, and this has never happened before in the winter. They are only about two years old. What could be causing this?


Thurston County WA poultry about 6 hours ago

watering trees newly planted (late fall)

Two months ago we planted two aspen trees (8ft) and three pine trees (6,8 10 ft) and are wondering how many times and how we should water these trees over the next few months.

thank you!

Jefferson County CO about 7 hours ago


Pls my chicks at 16 weeks paralyzed at night buh very healthy at day could it be MAREK'S DISEASE.


OUTSIDEUS poultry about 7 hours ago

Hello, I am 39 years old and love gardening and working outside. I recently...

Hello, I am 39 years old and love gardening and working outside. I recently left an office job to try and transition into some kind of agriculture business. My wife and I have a 1/2 acre lot in Parma, Ohio and have a very impressive garden for city folks. We are considering moving out to Ashtabula County to purchase a few acres and give farming a try. Right now we are considering a 6 acre lot in Windor Township that has a mix of woods, fields, and a creek and pond. Can you recommend any resources that might help us get started? Do you know of any apprenticeships or mentor programs that might be available to me? Thank you! Michael Martinez

Cuyahoga County OH about 10 hours ago

Life after thawed

I took my ham & turkey out of freezer on thanksgiving.They have since been in the fridge,it’s now 12/13! Is it ok to still cook them?Should I throw them out??

KY about 13 hours ago

Unknown spider

Iv never seen this spider in my life and was just curious what it is


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OUTSIDEUS about 13 hours ago

Low maintenance turf grass.

Starting a new landscape in Denver foothills. Approx 6000 ft. elevation. Native surroundings. Considering Buffalo Grass. What is best variety that will handle average foot traffic. Is seed or sod better? Is tall Fescue another option. Other suggestions. Thanks

Douglas County CO about 14 hours ago

Outcome of 2014 issue

In scanning the internet to look for information to help my Leghorn hen, I found this item for 2014:

"I have had 4 hens in the last 18 months suffer from a rock hard abdomen and wasting in the breast area. What is causing this? How can I prevent this? I am feeding quality laying pellets, Feather Fixer, and scratch. They also forage outside the coop during the day. Thank you for any help with this problem." Natrona County Wyoming poultry chickens

My hen is exhibiting the same physical symptoms: hard abdomen, thinning in the chest. She is about 8 months old and is part of a flock who do not seem sick. I do not feel an egg in her vent, so I don't believe she is egg bound. She has been sick for about 10 days. I live in upstate NY and during the first really cold day is when this seemed to begin. I do let them out to free range a few hours when I am home, but they are not anywhere different than they ever have been. On that day she was huddled with her feathers fluffed seeming much colder than the other chickens. I brought her inside where she seems content to stay. She does not expel nearly enough waste for a chicken and what she does is very watery and almost clear at times. She still has an appetite and is drinking water. She eats layer pellets, scratch sprinkled around the run or near their coop and some scraps; whole corn kernels are her favorite. I have soaked her in an Epson Salt bath and put a bit of apple cider vinegar in her water, which were suggestions that I've read. Walking seems to be more difficult for her and she keeps her tail down and head low most times. She doesn't seem to be getting better, but is still eating and alert. I am concerned with her appetite and expelling so little, she may be hurting herself and I don't know what to do.

Tompkins County NY about 16 hours ago

Grassy weed

Last summer a wirey stringy “grass” started in our lawn and is spreading rapidly. It rakes out somewhat but leaves a bare spot and you can’t get it all. How does one irradiate this invasive grassy weed?

Washington County OR about 16 hours ago

Onion sets

I planted onion sets, harvested onions, stored onions over the winter, planted sprouted ones in the spring, they formed seed heads. I planted seeds very close in a patch, got lots of little marble sized onions planted them the next year just like store-bought sets. The resulting onions were all doubles and all had seed heads. What do the commercial onion set companies do differently?


Norman County MN about 16 hours ago

Soil analysis report

Hi I am a small farmer growing organic produce in raised beds. I have been doing soil sampling for the last few seasons and using calculators and advice from others on how the amend based on sampling results. I would like to begin to understand more about interpreting the soil test results, understanding the roles and interactions between amendments and how to complete calculations to adjust nutrient values. I have a bachelors in environmental science with a minor in chemistry. Is there any resource or classes I can be directed towards? Thank you Matt B


Multnomah County OR science education about 17 hours ago

black capped chickadees

Can you help me? The black capped chickadees all of a sudden are pecking on the branches of a large bush. It is near my full bird feeder. Never happened before. why? Thank you If you don't do birds, do you know whom I could ask?


Hennepin County MN about 17 hours ago

What is this plant

I have this plant that started growing this late summer. It's still growing in spite of freezing weather. Just want to know what it is?


Frederick County MD about 17 hours ago

eradicating Sasta (Alaskan) daisies and wild morning glories

I have a space in front of my house 3' by 50' that I planted these daisies about 25 years ago. They are not attractive anymore. Right now I am trying to pull out all the roots. But I hear they are pretty intractable. Any suggestions? I am not opposed to using Roundup.


Lane County OR weed issues weeds about 17 hours ago

late Fall application of slow release fertilizer

How late can/should the late fall application of slow release fertilizer be applied? Is December too late for optimal results?

Dallas County IA about 18 hours ago

Moonglow Juniper and picea abies pendula near sidewalks OK?

Will either of these evergreens heave pavement? If so will pruning roots by inserting a spade at sidewalk edge during dormancy keep the roots in check? what is a safe distance for both for plant and pavement health? The catch all 30 feet tree distance sounds like overkill.

Queens County NY about 18 hours ago

Plant identification

What kind of plant is this?



Nicollet County MN plant identification about 18 hours ago

Help with Grants

My husband and I bought a small farm, 11.48 acres and would like to find a few grants that would help us with our start up for planting cut flowers/lavender, produce garden and to host 2 or 3 retired race horses. We are also wanting to use the farmhouse as a Bed & Breakfast/Retreat for quilters, scrap bookers, golfers, etc in a few years. Also create an Event Facility for Weddings, Parties, Festival and Reunions. We want to be an Agritourism farm and labeled Kentucky Proud. We received a Dump Clean Up Grant because this property was in desire need of cleaning. Any help would be great. I am working with KCARD on my business plan and I have completed a Water Quality Plan.

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Campbell County KY environment campbell county kentucky agriculture about 19 hours ago

Bug or insects

I am having BIG PROBLEMS WITH very tiny bugs that looks like nats . When you can catch one to kill it, and can get a close look at them, they look like tiny flys. They are mostly in the kitchen but also in other rooms. We’ve been fighting these for several months. What are they and how can we get rid of them.

Jefferson County KY about 19 hours ago

Worming Chickens with Pour On

Can you worm chickens with ivermectin pour-on? Some animals absorb it well through their skin (cows) and some do not (dogs). Do chickens absorb it well enough to kill internal parasites?


Greene County MO poultry about 21 hours ago

Are Chinese Elm Bonsai Poisonous to Cats?

Hello, I recently received a Chinese Elm bonsai as an early Christmas present, and was wondering if it could be potentially poisonous to animals. I couldn't find any information online that definitively stated if it was or wasn't, so I thought I would reach out to see if MSU may have more information on it. I did see that people can eat the leaves of the Elm which makes me think they are probably safe, but there are plenty of instances where something is non-toxic for humans to consume but poisonous for pets. I've attached a picture I found online for an example of what the Chinese Elm bonsai looks like roughly, and if you need any more information to assist with this just let me know. Thanks in advance for your time, I really do appreciate it! Sincerely, Michael Melvin


Ingham County MI about 22 hours ago

Canning Spaghetti Squash??

Is it possible to pressure can Spaghetti Squash? If so what are the instructions?


Washington County OR home food preservation food safety 1 day ago

Soil Recipe for Succulents

I grow a lot of succulents. Do you have a recipe for a planting mix for succulents. Thanks, Duane Clark


Lane County OR potting mix succulents 1 day ago

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