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Apple tree

This year we had a couple issues with a few Apple trees. Wanted to know what might have caused it. One tree is a chehalis Apple and the apples were rotting on the tree in August. We water every 2-3 weeks for 12 hours with sprayers at the base. We also have a pink lady Apple tree and the apples and brown dots on the exterior-on half the Apple. It didn’t go deep into the Apple when I peeled them. This was watered 20 minutes at the base each day. I have attached pictures of both trees for your reference. Thanks. Lisa

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Marion County Oregon 4 minutes ago

Soil test

Do y'all do soil tests? I need N, P, K, and lime recommendations for a vegetable garden an fruit trees.

McCracken County Kentucky 14 minutes ago

Fertilizing and reseeding

Which comes first this fall in my yard,seeding bare spots or applying fertilizer?

Larimer County Colorado about 1 hour ago

String of pearls, unhealthy?

My string of pearls plant was growing awesomely! It was a Lucius green and contiuous babies were growing. Now it’s gone a dark green coulour, the pearls are somewhat squishy, and have all changed into a triangle shape. The end of the string with the babies growing has turned purple! Help.


Outside United States about 2 hours ago

seascape strawberries

I have been growing seascape strawberries from bare root plants purchased from Territorial Seed Co. I would like to try to grow some from the seed, however the folks at Territorial could not tell me if their seascape berries are open pollinated or hybrid. How can I find out if these seeds would germinate and produce the same berry? Ralph Powell

Washington County Oregon about 2 hours ago

To start a new lawn or just spot seed

We purchased a house in April that had the septic tank decommissioned before we moved in. As a result a good half of our back yard was destroyed. We have a large bare spot and a big chunk of clovers but the rest of the lawn is in good shape. We want to have a nice lush yard by next summer but dont know where to begin. Would we be better off tilling the whole yard or just putting seed over the existing yard? Also how do you know what type of grass seed and fertilizer to use? Our yard faces the east and gets a lot of sun.

Columbia County Oregon about 2 hours ago

What kinda snake

Found snale in my newborns bedroom 2 feet from where he was sleeping .. I tried to identify but am confused as to is it copperhead or is it juvenile rat snake ? Animal control is closed ?? Can I sleep here tonite ?

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South Carolina juvenile black rat snake pantherophis obsoletus about 2 hours ago

Purple garlic

My uncle who lived in Culver, OR used to give us purple colored garlic he gleaned from garlic fields after harvest in/around Culver. We wanted to try planting some now that we are living in Bend. Where can we find this type of garlic?

Deschutes County Oregon about 2 hours ago

Coffee at high altitude

I've recently moved from Southern California (near sea level) to Trinidad, CO, at roughly 6000 feet. Every morning, I make a mug of coffee in a small french press, but because of the altitude, the water isn't as hot as I'm used to and it takes longer for the coffee to get as strong and rich as I'm accustomed to. How can I adjust the brewing time to get the coffee I like, reliably?

Las Animas County Colorado about 2 hours ago

Canning - old school

I have my mother's recipie for chilli sauce and it calls for an 11 quart basket of tomatoes- how many pounds is that?

Macomb County Michigan about 3 hours ago

White substance on the trunk of my lilac bush

There is a white substance growing on the main trunk of my lilac bush. It looks like a fungus, but on the typical lilac fungus. It is only on one side. Is it lichen or fungus? What’s the best course of action?


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Dakota County Minnesota wood rotting fungi lilac about 3 hours ago

What is this

What is this plant? Is it poisonous to touch? The leaves are the same as Common cocklebur


Howard County Maryland about 3 hours ago

Hydrangea Mania

North facing (minimal sun) 16 x 9 foot currently empty rectangle of dirt on the front of my house. What hydrangeas can we put in there? Straying from Annabelles as they fall over too easy. Thoughts on Monrovia Cape Cod? At the fair I talked with a UMN MG and she said lots of new hydrangeas are coming out. Can you name a few of these that are good for the shade?


Dakota County Minnesota about 3 hours ago


Can you identify these these mushrooms? Are they edible? They are growing in my lawn (borders a small wetland) in Oakdale, MN. Never seen 'em pop up before.
Thank you,
Sam Parker



Hennepin County Minnesota about 4 hours ago

How to keep a Rose of Sharon,approximately 3-4 months old, through the winter

I planted 2 Rose of Sharon cuttings this summer and they have grown well. They are both in pots and have enjoyed all the sunshine these last months. However, should they be brought in out of the cold for winter since they are so young?

Denver County Colorado about 4 hours ago

Weed control and reseeding my three acre lawn to revitalize.

For broad leaf control what herbicides are recommended for fall application? How long after weed killer is applied can I reseed and fertilize?

Oakland County Michigan about 5 hours ago

Autumn Blaze Maple tree bark issues

I have an Autumn Blaze Maple that we planted about a year ago that has some openings on one of the branches. It extends a length of about 12-14" up the branch. It's the bottom branch of the tree; no other branches are affected like this. There seemed to be 1 or 2 bugs inside plus potentially some webs of some sort. At first I thought it could be some kind of beetle, but then when I scraped inside there with a stick a little, I think a tiny green spider came out. Anyway, just wondering if there is any sort of treatment we should apply to help prevent bug issues. Or should we wait and see if the bugs come back and confirm what they are first? The tree is otherwise very healthy and we're so happy it's growing big and strong. Just now we have this open tree branch and it makes us nervous. :( Thank you!!

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Larimer County Colorado about 5 hours ago

Overwintering Coleus

Up until last night when we got 5 inches of rain, my potted outdoor coleus (a few different varieties) looked really good and I was going to bring them in to overwinter in the basement by a window. Now they have been pretty battered, and I was wondering if you thought I should cut them back to get rid of the shaggy torn leaves, or leave them as is and bring them in for the winter? I had some that were protected by the eaves that still look good and wasn't going to cut them back at all. They are all quite large with fairly woody stalks. Looking for some direction.Thank you,


Hennepin County Minnesota about 5 hours ago

Native shrub?

This medium height shrub 10- 15 ft.high, grows along a walk at edge of woods. Has multiple trunks coming from ground.


Albemarle County Virginia about 5 hours ago

green potatoes

Some of my potatoes were exposed to the sun and turned green.

If I cover them up with soil, will the lose the green and become editable?

Boulder County Colorado about 6 hours ago

I have an old silver maple tree with a lot holes in his branches

In the last year, we have a lot holes made by Sapsuker birds in this big tree, we have also the bigger woodpeckers, not sure if they can live so close to each other, but unfortunately this is a very old tree and not so healthy any more, some branches are dead and because is very close to our 4 seasons room, after few time we trimmed, we think it is time to cut this tree for ever..
My question is when is the best time we can take this tree down, without affecting so bad these birds? We live in Dayton OH.

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Montgomery County Ohio about 7 hours ago

Strange growth on my eggplant

Hello Can you please try to identify this strange growth on my eggplant? Please let me know if there is anything else I can do to help with the process. -tom caliendo


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Montgomery County Maryland insect or spider id praying mantis egg case about 7 hours ago

Timing for Green Manure Cover Crop

Is it too late to put down a green manure cover crop in my raised garden beds? If still time, any suggestions on what I should sow? Intend to turn it over in the spring and plant vegetables in the beds. I am here in Ramsey Co afew miles south of the U of M.


Ramsey County Minnesota green manures cover crops about 7 hours ago

Succulent house plants with mystery problem

I have a large Jade plant and a couple of other smaller succulents with what I guessed might be scale. The problem was much worse earlier in the summer and when they were inside. I sprayed them twice with Neem, which cut back the infestation, but is still quite bad, particularly on the smaller succulents. I'm not sure if they're all in the Jade family but can definitely report that not all succulents seem to be affected.
Symptoms: leaves turn yellow and fall off; black spots very large with grey borders, almost looked as if you could scratch them off until 2 treatments with Neem decreased size to those in pictures. New healthy leaves keep forming, but then they get the black spots too.
I'm afraid that it will get worse again and maybe even spread to others when I bring everything back inside. I'd like to be able to treat them before then but obviously the time line is getting shorter.

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Livingston County Michigan about 7 hours ago

blueberries and organic matter

Hello, I just bought a house and the property around it has some pretty acidic soil. It's acidic enough that wild blueberries do well there. I have 10 domesticated blueberry plants I would like to plant there but I don't know what to ammend the soil with, if anything. The soil is very sandy, almost blow sand. On my other property that has very alkaline soil, I dig a large diameter hole and fill it with half peat moss and half native soil. Would that work at my new house or would that be too much acid since the native soil already has a lot of acid? Is there anything else that would work well to give them some good nutrition in the years to come but not mess up the PH? Thanks.

Lake County Michigan about 7 hours ago

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