Questions tagged with 'shrub'


Dorchester County Maryland holly shrub pruning submitted 3 months ago.

pruning a bush

Prince George's County Maryland pruning shrub burning bush submitted 3 months ago.

Dying Rhodos

Montgomery County Maryland rhododendrons shrub yellowing submitted 4 months ago.

Lilac with brown leaves?

Montgomery County Maryland leaf scorch quince lilac shrub zinnia submitted 5 months ago.

Boxwood Blight

Montgomery County Maryland boxwood boxwood blight shrub susceptibility submitted 5 months ago.

Minature Lilac Trees dying

Anne Arundel County Maryland decline lilac shrub brown leaves submitted 5 months ago.

Cut back boxwoods

Howard County Maryland boxwood shrub prune submitted 5 months ago.

Knockout Rose / rosette disease

Baltimore County Maryland roses shrub rose rosette submitted 6 months ago.

Burning bush

Baltimore County Maryland decline shrub burning bush submitted 6 months ago.

Shrub pine

Anne Arundel County Maryland mugo pine shrub brown tips submitted 7 months ago.

Can a dying Yew shrub be revived?

Montgomery County Maryland yew shrub decline submitted 7 months ago.

Nellie Stevens holly problem

Anne Arundel County Maryland nellie stevens shrub leaves browning submitted 7 months ago.

Lilac borer?

Montgomery County Maryland lilac shrub borer submitted 7 months ago.

Small flying stinging or biting insects

Montgomery County Maryland euonymus shrub insects submitted 7 months ago.