Questions tagged with 'shrub'

Name of shrub

Howard County Maryland plant identification shrub submitted 18 days ago.

Male Blue prince holly

Allegany County Maryland blue holly abiotic issues shrub poor drainage pollinators submitted about 1 month ago.

DARK Purple Lilac Planting

Baltimore County Maryland plant selection shrub lilac submitted 2 months ago.

What type of shrub/bush ?

Anne Arundel County Maryland viburnum shrub pruning submitted 3 months ago.

Damage on Skip Laurel

Montgomery County Maryland cherry laurel shrub borer submitted 4 months ago.

cherry laurel problem

Baltimore Maryland cherry laurel shrub white prunicola scale submitted 5 months ago.

Pruning an old Lilac bush to get flowers

Montgomery County Maryland lilac shrub pruning submitted 6 months ago.

Thin old Rhody

Anne Arundel County Maryland rhododendron shrub pruning submitted 6 months ago.